Dating apps, features and thoughts

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There are quite a few dating apps floating around now, each adding a new twist to set themselves apart from the rest.

I've not used them all, and have no intention to, so there's only a limited scope to the ones I have used.

I have not ranked them in any order and this is an opinion piece from a male perspective.


Tinder is hands down the most popular, there is an absolute no end to the swipe swipe swiping.

It does come with its downsides though which are pretty big, there are a lot of accounts with;

  • no biography/description
  • one picture (if any)
  • ghost accounts (basically inactive).

Essentially, tinder is popular, there are loads of accounts but the quality of those accounts is low.

There are definitely things Tinder could do to improve the app, some of which include;

  • Add filters (show active accounts only)
  • More filters (only show accounts with XYZ)
  • Require users to have full bios/photos

Tinder is quite expensive and unlike bumble those that have "liked" you don't show at the top of your stack so you're unlikely to match with them.


Like tinder, keeping the swipe functionality alive, but the ladies initiate the conversation.

Those who "like" you go into your "beeline", the photos are blurred out which is expected, like all apps, however I did notice anyone who appears in your "beeline" is often the first to appear in your stack, so I wouldn't recommend getting premium for this reason, since premium only gives you insight into who has liked you!

I did notice bumble doesn't show you those that "liked" you in your "beeline" if you have filters enabled that would exclude them.

Like Hinge, Bumble does have some useful filters! Smoke? Drink? Pets? Star Sign? Serious. Children?

You can't change your location on here so if you're on holiday but wanting to look for a match at home, its not going to happn (pun intended)

I think Bumble is picking up in popularity, and for good reason, there is a lot of quality profiles on here. I wouldn't be surprised if it was popular with the Females.

Here's a shower thought, if a lady is looking for another female companion, who messages first?


This app is likely the newest to the rest, shares many features to the transitional apps

However, what Hinge gets right is you are required to complete your profile with photos, a description, many filters and some prompts/statements/questions to get your matches to talk with you.

Hinge does let you filter down your matches to exactly what you want! Don't want kids? Check. No smoker? Check. Height? Check

Some of those filters though, you do have to pay for, but still, I'd put my money on Hinge being the most successful in the near future, it just needs a larger user base.

Hinge doesn't use the traditional right/left swiping that tinder made famous, instead there's a large "X" on the bottom left side (Android) to unlike that particular person, now this is pedantic but if you're using a large phone with your right hand, like me, it's quite a stretch to hit the "X".

To like someone on Hinge you can either send a like or comment on a photo or one of their statements.

I've found, the loading of each profile is slower than the other apps i.e. Tinder, I'm spending too much of my time already, on these apps!


The idea around this app is to identify whose you've passed by in the street. So it's location based and requires constant connection to your location to track your whereabouts.

I've not actually recognized anyone that has popped up on the app so it does have its draw backs, they/I could be driving, at home, or with in each set (by happn) distance which is likely to be more than a few meters apart.

There's also a little in-game game called CrushTime, when you are eligible to CrushTime, happn sends you a notification indicating that you can play a game called CrushTime: for each game, a 4-profile grid will display and you will have to guess who has Liked you, pretty cool huh, and it's also a good way to avoid premium 😏.

Honestly, the idea of the app is really cool, maybe a little stalker ish!

Likely not worth paying for if you don't live in a city, this app isn't that popular, but it's definitely worth installing, just in case right?