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New Finds

Something is happening in the world of independent music and I love it! I've been finding so much new music, most of which is hard to label with a genre.

I should probably thank @bbc6music and Spotify's related artists.

by Album

Carl Gari, Abdullah Miniawy : Whities 023 (The Act of Falling from the 8th Floor)

Like Phaeleh/Burial with an eastern twist.

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Guilt Attendant: Suburban Scum

Instrumental hard techno / house. Solid.

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Daughters: Satan In The Wait

Industrial noise post something rock?

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By Single

The Idles: Mother

I've not been so obsessed with a band since being a teenager (apart from Taylor Swift but let's ignore that), this song in particular can be found on repeat while I'm driving, turned up really fucking loud.

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Black Country, New Road: Sunglasses

Is this the outcome of giving millennials instruments? Either way, I love this band and their whole two songs!


Live Shows


@ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Sinead O Brien + Egyptian Blue

@ The Firebug, Leicester

JOHN (TIMESTWO) + Polevaulter

@ Bedford Esquires, Bedford