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New Finds

Something is happening in the world of independent music and I love it! I've been finding so much new music, most of which is hard to label with a genre.

But finding new music can also be a challenge, particularly when platforms use algorithms to suggest what music you should be listening to.

Anyway, I should probably thank some cool record labels this month Pizza Pizza Records (Dundalk, Ireland) and Speedy Wunderground (London, UK).

by Album

Trick Mist: Both Ends

Label: Pizza Pizza Records

Trick Mist is an electronic songwriter based in Cork. His music positions the lyrical song within a wider experimental electronic context. An intriguing blend of lyrics, traditional music odes and home made samples form a sound which moves you inside and out.

This album itself is really chill

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By Single

Quirke : Spinhaunt Coil

Genre: Jungle

Need I say more?


The Retuses : Limbo

Label: Castlelock

The Retuses are a Russian folktronica, indie pop group, incorporating haunting male vocals with industrial (chillstep) drums, this song itself is vocal less, and shares similarities with Burial and Four Tet, along with most of the other tracks on the album, it's eery. If you've ever played 'This War of Mine', you'd know this song would go hand in hand.

My only criticism is the songs just aren't long enough! Two of their best tracks are under 2 mins.

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Tropical Fuck Storm : You Let My Tyres Down

Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

Genres: art-punk, post punk, psychedelic rock, blues rock

Tropical Fuck Storm are an Australian band from Melbourne. This song gets exponentially better and it's one that's found its way onto my running playlist, where it'll stay, it's an absolute roller coaster.

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Kate Tempest : Hot Night Cold Spaceship

"Kate Tempest is the words," - Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is an English artist who blends together literature and hip hop and the results are incredible.


Just Mustard : October

Label: Pizza Pizza Records

Just Mustard are a 5 piece band from Dundalk, Ireland. They've crafted their own unique blend of noise, trip hop and industrial electronic influenced music.

This song as well as the title Seven are must listens!


Live Shows

Due to the coronavirus, no shows this month, summer months are looking positive though