Milan, Italy - 11th-16th January 2020

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About Milan

Milan, a metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region, is a global capital of fashion and design. Home to the national stock exchange, it’s a financial hub also known for its high-end restaurants and shops.

The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent, housing Leonardo da Vinci’s mural “The Last Supper,” testify to centuries of art and culture.


Arrival | EMA - BGY | 17:05 on 11.01.2020, I have arrived to Milan's northern airport, Bergamo.

Departure | BGY - EMA | 21:55 on 16-01-2020, I'd departed Milan to England.

Bergamo airport (Orio Al Serio) is located 45 km northeast of Milan, I took an airport transfer coach from Milan to/from Bergamo with Terravision costing €13 for an open return, considering the journey was approximately one hour which wasn't bad at all, I purchased the ticket from their kiosk inside of Bergamo airport. The coaches run every 20 minutes.

I flew with Ryanair, with hand luggage and mid-stay car parking, totalling £102.42, half of that was the parking!


I stayed in two different Airbnb's throughout my visit, they were both fairly close to each other, located in the Navigli region of South Milan, but still with in 20 minutes walk of the Centre.

The Navigli region is probably one of the better regions to stay, the area seems popular with students and there is a strip of "Happy Hour" bars along the river.

On average the Airbnb's cost €60-80 a night, both of which had experienced and friendly hosts, clean with thoughtful touches and the location for both were superb.

Cozy Loft in the heart of Navigli

Loveliest rooftop nest downtown Milan

Food and drink

There's plenty to eat while in Milan, risotto likely being the most local and prosciutto ham makes a common appearance. Like most cities that attract tourists in Italy you'll find pasta (my favourite!), napoleon pizza and calzone and world cuisines.

I've grown rather found of real fresh coffee or caffe, since I've parted ways with alcohol altogether, I did have coffee at each venue where it was sold, which was most.

Here are some commendable recommendations;

Kate Away


Ranked #1 of 415 for Coffee & Tea and #4 of 10,221 places to eat in Milan on TripAdvisor, this place had to be good.

It sure was, the female owner was probably the friendliest person in Italy, there were a great selection of pastries, brioche and the usual you'd find in a café in Italy.

On my first visit here I had 2 x Americano with a plain brioche and my second trip, 2 x cappuccinos with a slice of napoletana cake (see the picture below), for the record, I didn't two drinks at the same time.




At the time this place was ranked #1 of 10,221 places to eat on TripAdvisor, so I'd be silly not to try it out, consider it was well with in walking distance, 15 mins?

When I arrived, we went through the process of how to order, whether you want your "pizza" fritto" (fried) or "forno" (baked), and what type of filling I wanted, so in usual Rory fashion I didn't hesitate to ask for the recommended pizza/calzone.

I received a fried horse meat calzone and it was interesting... the meat itself was cooked really well, likely par boiled beforehand, it was incredibly tender, like eating beef filet. However, I could help but feel sick, like I was eating raw mince meat, the sensation was, strange.

The fried aspect made this calzone very greasy and heavy, not surprising though.

I'll be vegan from now on, but I'd go back to try an oven baked (meatless) one instead :)

I Capatosta


Ranked #1,811 of 10,221 places to eat in Milan on TripAdvisor, I was dubious, but it was with in 2 minutes walk of my accommodation so my leg was pulled.

Although this place is set up like a restaurant, it seemed popular with food delivery services like Just Eat, there were always Deliveroo workers outside waiting for the orders to come out.

I'd sat down an ordered the "recommended" napoleon pizza, since there was far too much choice, I'm talking 4 pages worth of pizza alone... the recommended was mozzarella, gorgonzola, pistachio and parma ham, I'd also ordered a Caffe d'orzo, which is barley coffee, and an espresso for afterwards.

The pizza was perfect, maybe because of the gorgonzola :) the barley coffee not so great, I think this is a caffeine free alternative.

I did come back and visit this place for a second time a few days later, I ordered a bowl of gnocchi (like pasta but potato) with mozzarella and tomato sauce, a bottle of coca-cola and an Americano coffee.

I did learn that TripAdvisor rating aren't all that :)



All the photos were taken with a Samsung S10 5G, on the standard camera app and uploaded to my Instagram.


Final thoughts

Milan really is a city I could live in, it is a working city unlike that of Rome or Venice, I'd probably come back here if I had a reason to.

Most of my trip was reading, eating, coffee and sightseeing, generally, a much-needed rest before starting my new job/relocation.